Punished By The Plumber

Friday, July 23, 2010


Punished By The Plumber
Stars: Mrs. Baxter
Suburban housewife, Mrs. Baxter has been left 50 pounds by her husband to pay for a new waste disposal unit which needs replacing. Mrs. Baxter is happy with the repair until she receives a bill for 300 pounds, which she is unable to pay. She tells the cheeky plumber to take the unit back, however this is impossible. But an agreement is struck whereby if she is willing to accept some cane strokes he will help her out with the bill. Mrs. Baxter is in an awful dilemma and is forced into it somewhat by her lack of cash. The plumber warms her large bottom up first with a hand spanking and paddling. Then his favorite part! He goes to his van and gets out the swishy cane and beats her hard leaving loads of welts, until he has his money’s worth.


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