Resolved By Corporal Punishment 2

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Resolved By Corporal Punishment 2
Stars: Trina, Debbie
Debbie, along with her roommate Trina, were cash-strapped and unable to pay for the apartment they leased. So, in the dead of night, the two simply grabbed their stuff and bolted from the apartment, leaving it in a huge mess, and stiffing the landlord.The landlord filed a Small Claims Court action to recover the money owed. We found out about the case and approached Debbie (and Trina) with an offer to settle out of court with the landlord by paying him off. But both Debbie and Trina had to come to Raven Hill Studios and submit to 3 five-minute bare bottom spankings as resolution to their predicament.Both girls agreed. We paid the landlord. He dropped the suit. Debbie and Trina came to Raven Hill Studios to receive their just punishment. You’ll wince with every swat driven into Debbie’s sensitive bottom. She’s given a five minute over-the-knee hand spanking. But it gets worse for her. The hardwood hairbrush blotches up and down her ass.


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