Spanking Girls At The Bad House

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Spanking Girls At The Bad House
These girls are bad apples. That’s why they’ve been sent to the bad house, where strong discipline is administered at every turn. You’ll delight, seeing these arrogant, snotty girls get put into their proper places. One gets her seat set ablaze by a vigorous spanking before she even gets to the bad house.Another shirks her duties and gets sent to a tough female guard. It’s not long before her tight, bare bottom is glowing from a sound over-the-knee spanking with a wooden ruler.When the two girls are caught sniping at each other during chores, they are immediately fastened to an overhead beam. The guard slips each girl’s panties down, then proceeds to stripe their bare asses with a bamboo cane.And, after tensions boil over, causing a naked “cat fight” outside the showers, it’s time for old-fashioned leather strapping in the basement of the reform house.Bad girls. A bad house. But very good spankings!


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