Beach Girl Spankings 4

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Beach Girl Spankings 4
It’s always more fun to watch real girl – not paid actresses – get hard spankings that bring real tears to their eyes, and redness to their rears! That’s exactly what you witness in this outstanding, unique video from Raven Hill Studios. We simply went down to the beach, met “everyday” girls, sunning themselves, and offered them our proposition: Earn some much-needed cash by submitting to three, five minute, bare-bottomed spankings! In this episode, two cuties, vacationing from Wisconsin, get some good, old fashioned haunch-scorching. These girls bare their asses and accept punishment from the hand, wooden ruler, hairbrush and cane, then stingingly learn that these spankings are the real thing! There’s nothing more real than this! Watch this video and discover what spanking enthusiast from around the world are calling one of the best spanking videos EVER!


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