County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings

Friday, August 13, 2010


County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings
When girls break the law in this county, they either face several weeks of “community service” work, or nervously take a trip to the Sheriff’s Office for some tried and true correction, the old fashioned way – spankings! These three delightful girls are punished with lengthy, over-the-knee, bare-bottomed spankings that leave them whimpering, and their butts red and sore. Next, each embarrassed girl must take a humbling tip over Sheriff Collin’s special “paddling horse,” where they bend their naked asses way over, stick out their bare-naked bottoms, and hold on for dear life. The glistening, shiny, smooth wooden paddle drives into their shivering bottoms over and over an over again, until they tearfully admit they’ve done wrong, and pledge to never run afoul of the law in the future. This is a corporal punishment fan’s dream come true
a rare opportunity to peer into the back room of the County Sheriff’s Office to see deserving, young girls get the kind of ass-


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