Her Payback: A Spanking

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Her Payback: A Spanking
Stars: Amy, Kya
Jealous Kya had a plan for her friend Amy, who always seemed to land dates with the best men. This time, to show Amy the darker side of dating, Kya fixed her up with a known madman. The man was exactly the opposite of what Amy likes. He was egotistical, demanding, rough, and crude. Amy wasted no time filling Kya in on the misadventure. Meeting for coffee, Amy told Kya all the gory details. But instead of displaying shock, Kya just kept a sly smile on her face. Then, it was discovered. Kya had planned the date all along. Amy was pissed, and vowed to get even. Weeks passed, and Kya believed Amy was over her anger when she was invited to Amy’s apartment for cocktails. “Let bygones be bygones” said Amy. The cocktails were on, and the girls had some nice conversation, laughs and discussion. Then, when Amy felt Kya had consumed enough booze, she turned the tables on her. Pulling her clothes off, Amy overpowered Kya, and began spanking her bare ass violently, all


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