The Intimate Diary Of Mr. Leon ”Spanking-Professor”

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The Intimate Diary Of Mr. Leon ”Spanking-Professor”
Released: 1976
Stars: Richard Allan, Jacques Marbeuf, Ellen Earl, Emmanuelle Parez, Martine Grimaud, Christine Chireix, Antoine Fontaine
When Mr. Leon’s mother gave him his first spanking, she never could have guessed that in fact she was setting her youngster off on a long and fruitful sexual career! From that moment on, Mr. Leon – a.k.a., “Spanking Professor” – would make his rounds, tirelessly introducing the world to the aphrodisiacal virtues of the spanking. An exceedingly arousing small wonder from the golden age of France’s Cinema X era that made its debut in ALPHA-FRANCE cinemas on March 17, 1976 in Paris, where it met a triumphant success!!


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