Resolved By Corporal Punishment 5 Tara

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Resolved By Corporal Punishment 5 Tara
She ran-up a huge phone bill, then moved out, leaving her roommate to pay the bill. Now Tara pays dearly, by baring her tight bottom and submitting to a hand spanking, a leather strapping and a biting caning! After This ass blistering, maybe she’ll keep her phone conversations shorter. Tara just kept dialing long distance, and talking for hours. Then, after a disagreement with her roommate, this young lady decided to move out. Trouble was, she stuck the roommate with a huge telephone bill, and maintained she didn’t have to pay it because she did the girl a favor by leaving. Tara’s roommate filed Small Claims Court papers against her to get her to pay the overdue bill. We stepped in, took care of the bill, and the, took care of Tara!


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