Cheerleader Spanking At Central State

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Cheerleader Spanking At Central State
Just because they’re cheerleaders – the elite at any school – doesn’t mean they can get away with anything they want. When these snotty girls practice, they find out that being the cutest girls in school won’t protect them from their coach. Ms. Sueck is tired of these girls’ attitudes, and decides to do something about it. Both naughty girls are forced to take down their panties for hard, bare-bottom spankings. When it seems that this harsh punishment is not enough, she makes each girl bend over a stool for an intense whacking with a wooden ruler. The girls cry out in pain as every blow blisters their already reddened asses. The humiliated girls begin plotting their revenge while in the showers, comforting each other’s stinging bottoms. They decided to get the coach in trouble with the principal by planting dope on her desk. Their plan succeeds.


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