Czech Brutal 2 – Ruining His Bad Girl’s Rear

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Czech Brutal 2 – Ruining His Bad Girl’s Rear
The unlucky waif whose punishment we witness in this edition of the popular Czech Brutal series is first shown crying, naked, on her bed, rubbing her sore bottom. Each night she must mark down the day’s demerits, for which she will be sternly punished.The reason for her tears is quickly revealed. After speaking to her harshly, an evil, old wretch drags her by the ear across the yard to the punishment building. He first puts her over his knee for a stern hand spanking. She squirms and cries out in pain. He then angrily removes his belt and administers a hard whipping with the thick leather strap. Later, at the breakfast table, she is forced to strip naked for him. Bent over a chairback, and completely revealed, her already bruised bottom is given sharp, slicing whacks with a cane, until it is streaked with angry red welts. Frantic screams, and prolonged crying fill the room, as real tears constantly stream from her reddened eyes. This intense video will


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