Daddy’s Friend Spanks Harder

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Daddy’s Friend Spanks Harder
Stars: Shelly
Since she turned 19 years old, Shelly disregarded all the house rules, staying out late, ignoring her chores, and, in general, running amuck. But Mom and Dad’s old discipline methods – groundings, phone restrictions, etc. – would not correct these latest problems. A good lickin’ would probably send the right message, but neither parent had ever exercised that option, and didn’t have the nerve, gumption or stomach for such corporal punishment. That’s where Dad’s co-worker Gus comes in. He raised his kids on sound spankings, and upon hearing about Shelly’s behavior, he offered to help out. He’d be more than happy to deliver the discipline Shelly needed. The plan was hatched. This weekend, Shelly would finally get the spankings she so richly deserved. Finding out that her parents would be out of town for the weekend, Shelly made all kinds of plans.


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