Detention Room Spankings

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Detention Room Spankings
Stars: Casey, Lacey, Gina, Heather
Witness one of the most intriguing and exciting images ever shown to spanking enthusiasts: Adorable, blonde identical twins suffering through identical spankings applied to their identical, shapely bottoms! Identical twins Casey and Lacey get the spankings of their lives when they lose their homework. Each girl watches in nail-biting terror as her sister gets whacked hard! They’re not the only ones to get it and get it good! A tiny brunette waif and a tall, luscious brat get intensively spanked, too! Sweet, demure Heather gets smacked with a hard wooden paddle at the front of the classroom. She’s up on her toes with every swat! By the time the teacher is through whacking her ass, her bottom is bruised purple and her face is streaked with tears.


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File Name : 0456_Detention_Room_Spankings.wmv
File Size : 361.98 MB
Resolution : 480×360
Duration : 00:40:00

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