Maid For Punishment

Monday, September 20, 2010


Maid For Punishment
Mr. Kelley is the persnickadiest client on their list. If work is done to his standards, he rewards the maid with a nice tip. If the job is not up to snuff, Mr. Kelley turns to a time honored discipline method for girls: spankings! None of the maids want to draw Mr. Kelley’s house, but someone must go there every week. Usually, the other maids assign the newest girl to the job, sort of a “hazing”ritual for them. This week, it’s newcomer Liz Beth. Liz Beth is unaware of the strong possibility of spankings, So she takes no special precautions, or makes no special effort to accomplish the level of cleaning demanded by Mr. Kelley. In Fact, she falls asleep during her shift. None of the chores have been done. Only some minor cleaning and straightening took place in the kitchen and bathroom. The carpets haven’t been vacuumed yet.


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