Paddled At The Ranch

Monday, September 20, 2010


Paddled At The Ranch
The County Sheriff is ready for the girls at the correctional camp. This is their last chance before the courts give up on them and send them all to adult jail. When they continue to misbehave while there, the sheriff loses his temper and the paddling begins! He’s assisted with his never-ending work of discipline by his strict deputy, a red-haired, ham-handed woman. Working as a team they are determined to point these young ladies back to the right direction, even if it means bruising their poor little bottoms repeatedly! The girls scream and cry as the real punishments begin. They don’t think they can take anymore, but as the paddling falls once again on their behinds, they are in more pain than they ever imagined possible. They protest and try to escape, but the Ranch’s security is too tight, and, when they’re caught, the sheriff knows what’s best for them.


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