Paddling The Football Cheerleaders

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Paddling The Football Cheerleaders
Stars: Lisa, Lori, Chrissie
Come football season, there’s a paddling tradition between central State and Roosevelt State. It demands that the winning school’s principal take the paddle to losing school’s cheerleaders!Ventral’s three cute pom-pom girls aren’t worried a bit. Their team hasn’t lost in years. But they’re no strangers to spankings they’ve received.See what really happened when sexy blonde Chrissie got a spanking in the Dean’s Office and why she says she couldn’t sit for two days!Baby-faced Lori and her sister, dark-eyed Lisa recall getting it good from their father from staying out late after the game. We watch as Dad pulls each squirming cheerleader over his knee for strong, bare-ass spankings, can’t help but whacks their sore butts with a wooden paddle. After hearing each other’s stories, The Cheerleaders are glad their school has such a strong football team. None are interested in getting any more painful spankings from their elders!


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