Resolved By Corporal Punishment 7 – Case 07: Amber

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Resolved By Corporal Punishment 7 – Case 07: Amber
We found this case and approached Amber about our unique method of avoiding court. Amber wasn’t looking forward to such a punishment, but she really didn’t have much choice. So, we paid off her obligation and she consented to receive three 5-minute spankings. Amber has a great, tight body, with incredibly shapely, long legs. She shyly removed her jeans and panties and placed herself over Richard Lewis’ knee. Amber struggled, but make it through the hand spanking, only to face a paddling. Swat after swat is delivered into Amber’s small ass, as she bends far over and grimaces. Tears well up in her eyes. Her beautiful bottom is, sadly, bright red.


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