Resolved By Corporal Punishment Episode 16 – Carla

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Resolved By Corporal Punishment Episode 16 – Carla
She’ll pay closer attention to other’s property after this painful, ass-searing experience.Even though she agreed to, Carla didn’t take very good care of her neighbor’s motorbike, while he was away. It was stolen from her storage unit, and now he wants the dough to replace it. Instead of going to small claims court, Carla decides to have us pay the tab. Watch this pretty girl get emotionally dismantled, and physically ass-stung, from a firm hand spanking, a crisp paddling, and a biting, striping pear tree switchin’. There’s tears, howls, crying and definite contrition in “Resolved By Corporal Punishment”. About the Resolved Series: No one wants to go to court. No one wants to end up with a judgment against them, and/or a criminal record. We locate and investigate cases that have been filed, or are about to be filed in Conciliation Court, involving girls over 18 years of age. Then we go to action!


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