Rodding The Wentworth Girls

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Rodding The Wentworth Girls
Stars: Angela, Cindy, Miss Everett
Luscious raven-haired Angela is caught again with cigarettes. In an attempt to break the girl of her bad habit, Miss Everett takes the girl over her knee for a long hard spanking. When the strong hand spanking is over, a whacking with the wooden ruler quickly follows. Before long, Angela’s already punished ass is deeply reddened. Cindy, Miss Everett’s cute assistant listens excitedly to Angela’s punishment. Docile and obedient, Cindy’s never gotten a spanking before. She deliberately gets into trouble to finally experience a real bare-bottom spanking. She soon regrets her decision, as the hard over-the-knee spanking becomes more than she can take. But it gets worse for poor Cindy. Miss Everett bends her over the desk and begins applying sharp swats with the wooden ruler. Cindy cries out in pain with each intense whack. When Angela and Cindy meet later to brew up more trouble, it results in the most intense punishments yet!


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