Spankin Down The Highway Pt. 1

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Spankin Down The Highway Pt. 1
Here’s a video featuring authentic bare-bottomed spankings administered to REAL-LIFE girls!! The crew at Raven Hill Studio simply drove an old RV up the Highway and along the way, met various women and attempted to talk them into the truck to submit to some butt-warmings. You’ll be surprised at the girls who actually accepted our offer!! In Macon, GA a young cocktail waitress thinks the spanking proposition is over, then shows up to get her tight rear punished hard!! Then up the road to Chattanooga TN, the RH gang convince 2 traveling gals to earn some extra cash by baring their bottoms and submitting to hard spankings each!! Plus, with Raven Hill’s innovative shooting style, and viewer inter-activity features, YOU can actually watch the girls getting their spankings from TWO DIFFERENT CAMERA ANGLES!!! Sit back, Relax, but fasten your seatbelts. You’re in for a wonderful road trip, filled with cute young girls, beautiful tight asses, and the excitement of hard, stinging


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