American Punishment Collections #14

Sunday, October 24, 2010


American Punishment Collections #14
Stars: Kitty, Alice, Tiffany, Sir Nik, Master Liam, Sula
Liam loves to give a nice hard spanking from time to time, and Alice in turn loves to receive one! These two are just perfect for each other. In this film you will witness an excellent thrashing! We’re talking about O.T.K., paddles, straps, leather, wood, and a few canes! So please sit back, relax and enjoy as this love story unfolds. Sula lives with a close friend of her fathers, “Sir Nik”. When she is going out the door, he stops her and asks why her school keeps calling him. Sula has been screwing in class. Nik decides some corporal punishment is needed with a good ol’ fashioned spanking. It’s either this or phone call her father he explains. Sula chooses the punishment and a painful punishment she chooses is brutal.


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