Cyber Discipline VII

Friday, October 29, 2010


Cyber Discipline VII
Stars: Katrina Isis
Our Cyber Spanker was surfing the internet spanking chat rooms again, and ran into that beautiful porn star, Katrina Isis. She had stumbled into the chat room, and was not sure that she wanted to be spanked, but she decided to give it a try… well this fellow was more than happy to oblige her wishes, and give her a taste of spanking. He set up a meet at a posh hotel. Well Katrina was not really up for what happened. But once again we have a very happy cyber spanker. He took it a little further than she thought he would and left her bruised. He gave her a good hard hand spanking, followed by the hairbrush, and then a magnificent dose of the strap, and ended with the cane. Our cyber spanker has had an absolutely marvelous experience, and so will you, but was it real? You be the judge! He doesn’t know if she will be back, but he sure hopes so. This is a very hard and severe spanking session. TUNE IN FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT of THE CYBER DISCIPLINE SERIES!


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