English Punishment Series #16

Thursday, October 28, 2010


English Punishment Series #16
Released: 1999
THOU SHALT NOT FORGIVE – Two choir girls are summoned by Vicar’s wife for a good telling off and some old-fashioned discipline. They have been out night-clubbing despite repeated appeals from the Vicar not to do so. Their heavy drinking has caused their voices to go out of tune which ruins the good work of the other singers. A hard hand spanking, and firm paddling with a leather tawse seems to be deterrent enough, but the Vicar’s wife decides that a firm lashing with the cane is also in order. NO APPEAL PROCEDURE – Leslie is the receptionist in a “High Class” Hotel, but she continues to turn away customers that do not fit the bill. Because of this she is summoned to the Manager who lets her know that the only course of action is a sound caning. The Manager explains that there is no Appeals Procedure and she will have to take it or not. She accepts and will have to deal with several very hard cane strokes before she is finished. Then Judy, the telephonist is


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