Sizzling Buns

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sizzling Buns
Stars: Veronica, Sasha, Kristen, Geneva, Celeste, Rebecca, Cumisha Amado, Christina, Shelby, Natasha, Kim Chambers, Flame, Morgan Navarro, Daphne, Tracie, Ashley Renee, Natalie, K.C. Dylan, Gabrielle, Leslie Lixx, Georgia Gold, Red Riding Hood, Pamela Dee, Tiffany Stark, Stacy Bell, Diane O’Dane, Brooke Barr
Scintillating, sensational, scorching, spanking scenes heat up the TV screen – as beautiful butts get striped and struck. These bad-assed gals get their scarlet ribbons in a real bun burner. This is the only Kumisha Amado video. Adult stars also making their debut in this video: Brooke Barr, K.C. Dylan, Georgia Gold, Diane O’dane, Ashley Renne, Red Riding Hood, Tiffany Stark.


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