Spanked For Their Mischief

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Spanked For Their Mischief
Stars: Brandi, Sherrie
Sherrie thinks that every girl she meets wants to enjoy sexual play with her. But at only 18, she doesn’t realize that not ALL girls go in for that sort of thing. When she tried her moves on Brandi, in her hot tub, Sherrie got a surprise.Brandi didn’t think anything was wrong when she and Sherrie got naked and into the tub. She didn’t even think it was too much that Sherrie put her arm around her, and cuddled a little. But when cuddling turned into some tit and clit fondling, Brandi snapped out of her daze, slapped Sherrie, and prepared to leave. Sherrie, angry about getting slapped, leapt from the hot tub and chased Brandi down, tackling her. With her wiry strength Sherrie easily overpowered Brandi and in no time, was laying a good, hard bare-assed spanking on the surprised girl.Incensed, Sherrie wailed away on the poor girl’s tanned bottom, until it turned a deep red color. Brandi struggled throughout, but suffering the stinging spanking, she just


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