Cyber Discipline IV

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Cyber Discipline IV
Stars: Paris Kennedy
From The Desk of Cecil B.: Well, once again our erstwhile cyber spanker while surfing the internet spanking chat rooms has found another beautiful girl who is willing to give him a “go at it”. This time he has come upon that sultry, and sexy star of spanking videos, Paris Kennedy. After talking to her several times via the chat line, she has agreed to meet him for a spanking session. He has, as always, decided to go all out and has rented a penthouse suite at another swanky hotel, and it too has a fireplace, and ritzy ambiance. Paris shows up ready to go, and on removing her coat we see she is really ready to go. She is wearing very pretty pink panties, and she looks just beautiful, and very sexy. After a few pleasantries are exchanged, they get right to it.


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File Name : 0607_Cyber Discipline IV.wmv
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Resolution : 480×360
Duration : 00:40:04

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