Nanny’s Folly

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Nanny’s Folly
David has taken the children off for a long weekend leaving the nanny, Dusty, and his wife, Moira, at home. Dusty is smoking pot in her bedroom, fantasizing that Edward, Moira’s father, is spanking her. Moira walks in and catches Dusty
she is not amused. She spanks her in the bedroom and then tells her to come down to the sitting room in five minutes. Nervously, Dusty goes down to the sitting room, where Moira canes her. Later, Edward enters, amused. Dusty runs out back to her room. Meanwhile, Moira has promised David never to spank a nanny again after he had to buy off the previous one who was threatening to sue them. Edward agrees not to tell David if she takes a caning from him. She is spanked and caned. The furious Moira goes to Dusty’s room and canes her again.This video also has a 15-minute scene shot at a Moonglow party where a dispute between two delectable ladies is settled by a caning competition. One takes 46 strokes before pulling out, while the winner proves her credentials


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