Perfectly Delicious

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Perfectly Delicious
Stars: Paris, Stacy Burke, Chelsea Pfeiffer
When it comes to her cooking show, “Perfectly Delicious,” Stacy is perfectly serious! When Paris puts up some not-so-perfectly prepped ingredients, Stacy calls for the camera to “cut!” and dismisses the crew. In a fury, Stacy spanks Paris while chastising her for her ineptitude.. The spanking stings and humiliates poor Paris who was only doing the best she could under the rushed circumstances. Paris leaves the set smarting, both on her bottom and in her heart. She vows revenge. With the help of an ex-employee (fired Assistant Director, Chelsea) Paris contrives to set up Stacy for a sound revenge spanking. Stacy, unaware of what is to come, is haughty and rude the moment she arrives on the set the next morning. When she asks why Paris is sitting in a chair in the middle of the kitchen and threatens another spanking, Chelsea pops out of hiding and pushes Stacy down firmly over Paris’ knee, leaving Paris to enjoy the moment in all its full


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