Stacked Deck

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Stacked Deck
Stars: Christina Carter, Keli Anderson
Cecil’s girlfriend, Chloe, has brought another friend of hers, Rachel, to the weekly poker game. After losing several hands, Cecil became suspicious of Rachel. He thought she was cheating. Finally, out of frustration Cecil makes Chloe strip search Rachel. Lo and behold they find some extra cards hidden in her stockings. For retribution Cecil instructs Chloe to spank Rachel. After Chloe is done and Cecil is unhappy with Chloe’s spanking he takes over spanking Rachel. WHen he is done he sends Rachel to the corner. Then he tells Chloe that it’s her turn for bringing the cheating Rachel in the first place. After spanking Chloe he sends her to the corner to join Rachel.Rachel convinces Chloe to leave Cecil, and they end up tossing him to the floor, throwing the poker chips at him, and leaving together. From the scene of the two of them going at each other, I think you will all be able to figure out why.


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