Starlet’s Spanked And Strapped

Friday, December 10, 2010


Starlet’s Spanked And Strapped
Stars: Christina Carter, Paris Kennedy, Cecil B.
Cecil B. was preparing for a shoot with two scorchingly sexy starlets of the spanking scene. He left them on the set to study their lines together and went off to take care of some other business. While he was gone Paris and Christina got into an argument over who was the star of the film. They pushed and shoved each other, and in response Christina pulled Paris over her knee and gave her a good dose of corporal punishment. She spanked her by hand, hairbrush, strap, and small cane. She even used one of Paris’ flip-flop sandles on her bare butt.Later on Paris threatened to tell some secrets about Christina to Cecil unless she would submit to the same punishment she had received. Christina had no choice but to do so, and Paris gave her back exactly what she had received. Well, in walks Cecil to check on them and finds out what they have been up to. He then makes them submit to his brand of punishment spankings, chiding them


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