The Lesson

Monday, December 20, 2010


The Lesson
Stars: Kordelia Devonshire, Cecil B., Dan Foran
We find Kordelia and her lawyer sitting in her home where she is looking over some contracts that she needs to sign. When she finishes sign the documents she notices that the Lawyer Has been looking up her skirt. She confronts him about it and then she decides that he needs to be taught a lesson. So she decides he needs to be punished. The lawyer being shock buy this, summits to the punishment she will give him. Yes you quested it she really put him thru the ringer and all sort of different types of punishment. But! There’s always a but, right? The movie does not end there. Later Kordelia partner come to her home to find the two of them there and reminds Kordelia that this is not with the program and feels that she need to be punish herself for her actions. I really don’t feel that my review of this film does it justices, so I suggest you view it for yourself and send me your review.


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