For Being Impertinent

Thursday, January 6, 2011


For Being Impertinent
Stars: Maria, Louise, Miss Chambers
Miss Chambers is most displeased, she has discovered, that Louise and Maria have not only been falling behind with their studies, but in order to make some money, they have been posing for a local photographer. The pictures he has taken are likely to bring the school into disrepute, should they ever be seen by the general public. Louise and Maria are unaware, that Miss Chambers is in possession of the incriminating photos and when confronted by their teacher lie to her, which proves to be a big mistake. When Miss Chambers shows the girls the proof, they can do nothing but admit the offence. Maria is an habitual miscreant, and knows just what to expect. Louise is new girl and has no idea what is going to happen to her, but she soon finds out. To make matters worse, both girls argue with Miss Chambers, which makes her very cross. She begins by putting Louise over her knee and administering a hard spanking, firstly over her white school knickers,and

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