A Disgrace To The Uniform

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A Disgrace To The Uniform
Stars: Claudine, Emma, Miss Brown
Emma and Claudine were caught shoplifting. They have been reported to Miss Brown who as I’m sure you know is very strict. She is extremely angry with the girls, particularly as they were wearing their school uniform when they were caught. She instructs them to report to her in the detention room where she intends to punish them.Emma has been to see Miss Brown before but it is Claudine’s first time, and Miss Brown intends to make sure it’s a lesson she will never forget. She begins by putting Claudine over her knee, and administering a sound spanking, at first over her knickers, then on her bare bottom.Never having been spanked before, Claudine had no idea how much it would hurt, but when she protest, Miss Brown smacks her even harder and adds a few slaps to the backs of her thighs…


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