American Punishment Collections #15

Thursday, January 13, 2011


American Punishment Collections #15
Stars: Sir Nik, Slave Girl Bunny, Dr. Soma
Cancel To Climax – Our first story is about a girl that want to be put back in time. When she was younger she would receive spankings in the bedroom. The spankings would turn her on sexually. So she calls Soma, just the person to call when bringing a fantasy to life. She starts with a good O.T.K. and follows with a few leather straps. Finally she is brought to full climax with the cane.Physical Therapy – Bunny is seeking therapy for depression. Her doctor has been prescribing prescription meds but it’s not working. Fortunately Doctor Soma knows the fix. A hard handed spanking followed with a strap, and after being put through many positions, taking a great punishment, it’s finally time to introduce the cane.Domestic Discipline – Sir Nik is furious when he finds out that nothing is getting done around the house.


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