Because I Care

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Because I Care
A husband and wife are reading their daughters school report. They are shocked to learn that she has been playing truant regularly and her grades are very low. The husband blames the wife and tells her to deal with their daughter. The wife calls her girl down and makes her get across her knee for a spanking. When the girls knickers are pulled down, a large tattoo is discovered on her bottom. It seems as if the girls teacher has told her where she could get the tattoo done. Once the girl has been punished she is allowed to stay and watch whilst her daddy gives her mummy a spanking for not controlling their daughter.The next scene takes place at the school where the irate parents meet the teacher. The husband says he doesn’t think it proper for him to punish the teacher, but his wife has no such misgivings. She deals with the teacher in the same way that she dealt with her daughter. The husband decides that all three naughty young ladies might benefit from some more severe punishment, and


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