Charity Begins At Home

Friday, January 21, 2011


Charity Begins At Home
Set in the office of a charity organization. Two pretty, but dishonest young ladies have been borrowing cash from charity’s funds. The director of the charity can’t understand where all the money has disappeared to. He asks his two assistants if they know what has happened to the money and when they say they don’t know, he decides to call the police. The young ladies are dismayed by this and admit that they took the money. The director still wants to call in the police, but the girls, fearful of the consequences persuade him to deal with the matter himself. It seems that this sort of thing has happened before, because the wicked gentleman has all the instruments of correction stored in his office. Both young ladies are then shown the error of their ways during a long and painful punishment session, which includes a prolonged over knee hand spanking each a strapping, whilst bent over a chair and a severe caning each.


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