Cross Country

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Cross Country
Two sixth formers are out on a cross country run. We see them reluctantly jogging over a field, on a hot sunny day. They are wearing the regulation St Stripe’s running kit, which consists of white trainers, white ankle socks, a tight white vest without a bra, and regulation white gym knickers. They stop in a deserted field, the rest of their class has long since overtaken them. They lay down on the grass, and produce a packet of cigarettes and a lighter, which was hidden inside their knickers. They are enjoying the rest in the sun, and so fail to notice, the headmaster who has crept up behind them.He berates them for stopping and smoking, and points out that they could have caused a fire in the dry grass. They are ordered to report to him in his study, where he puts them through a strenuous session of PT. He makes them jog, stretch, and soon has them bending over and touching their toes. They are he decides, most unfit, and need to be taught a lesson.


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