Day’s Gone By

Monday, January 24, 2011


Day’s Gone By
Stars: Alice, John, Lucy Bailey, Miss Bainbridge, Lucienne Zeher, Catherine Scott
This film (13 mins) deals with the birching of a young and very pretty housemaid. The unfortunate girl has transgressed and is called before her tyrannical employer who offers her a stark choice – the birch or her dismissal. We see the poor girl preparing the very rod that will be used to good effect on her soft, nude cheeks whilst her boss’ friends watch with indifference as her thrashing unfolds. This film was written a and directed by Lucy Bailey and was based on one of her favorite CP fantasies. Alice Full length production. Young Alice has been sent to stay with her strict uncle John who lives with his draconian lady housekeeper Bainbridge and their long suffering maid. Upon her arrival she witnesses the maid being birched for a trivial offence, which graphically demonstrates to her the consequences of the slightest misdeeds.


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