Demoted To The Fourth

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Demoted To The Fourth
Stars: Emily, Annabel, Miss Hayworth
Emily and Annabel have been sent for by Miss Hayworth the headmistress of St. Stripe’s. It seems they have been skipping lessons, and generally showing a bad attitude. When Miss Hayworth questions them they produce notes purporting to have been written by their respective mothers. It soon becomes obvious that each has forged the others mother’s writing, and Miss Hayworth isn’t fooled for a minute. Upon close examination, she finds that both girls are improperly dresses, and she decides in order to teach them a lesson she demotes them to the fourth form. This means they have to take off their senior girls’ uniform, and replace them with the demeaning fourth form gymslips, cotton knickers, and long white socks………………


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