Double Jointed

Friday, January 28, 2011


Double Jointed
Stars: Jane, Sarah, Mr. Thompson
Jane and Sarah are relaxing, and are about to indulge in smoking some recreational drugs, when they are discovered by the deputy headmaster. He reports them to Mr. Thompson the head. After a short discussion on the evils of marijuana, Mr. Thompson inform the girls, who incidentally, are regular recipients of his type of discipline, that they are to receive a sever punishment. They giggle nervously, but Mr. Thompson takes this to mean they are not taking the punishment seriously, and makes him determined to teach them both a lesson. He begins by giving Sarah, a very pretty blond, a sound over the knee spanking. Very quickly, her bottom begins to turn pink, then red. When it’s Jane’s turn to go over Mr. Thompson’s knees he informs her that in his opinion, she is the ringleader, and he intends to deal with her more severely than her friend, and he is as good as his word.


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