English Punishment Series 30

Thursday, January 13, 2011


English Punishment Series 30
Stars: Mandy, Nicola, Cooper, Padgett
Fair Measures: This is about an unscrupulous Trading Standards Officer who forces Mandy and Nicola, two bar maids, to submit to some old fashioned English discipline when he threatens to close down the bar. The way the red welts form on their silky bottoms allows us to see that he is an expert with the discipline implements!The Punishment: In The Punishment a homeowner reports one in a series of burglaries. When the police become suspicious and send a WPC officer to see what may truly be happening, she becomes the victim of his rage when confronted with their theories. Both hand spanking, a leather paddling and a cane are used against her tender behind.Navy Stripes: Two attractive naval cadets see red when they are called to a tribunal at headquarter. Their AWOL attitudes are punished by more than 50 strokes of the cane and their bottoms are striped sufficiently to insure that this never happens again.


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