English Punishment Series 54

Friday, January 21, 2011


English Punishment Series 54
Stars: Michelle, Sarah, Tammi, Kerry, Harry, Baxter, Katcha, Prentice, Mrs. Obrian
“Hard Cracks Of The Cane” – Baxter and Prentice have once again gone missing from college. Mrs. Obrien has chased them down and their punishment will include being brought to her study. There they will be dealt with by being spanked with a double cane. Humiliated and asked to pull down their knickers, their red welts will last for days!”Pub Side Punishment” – Three barmaids have been left by their boss to clean up after an all night party. However it’s not long before sexual shenanigans ensue. Harry unexpectedly returns and finds these naughty girls. There is no alternative but to issue spankings and canings. Only when Harry is satisfied that their behavior won’t be repeated does he allow them to go home!”Naughty Schoolgirls Punished” – Two beautiful blonde college girls have decided to spend the afternoon drinking, in one of their mother’s back garden. Mrs.


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