English Punishment Series Volume 22

Sunday, January 23, 2011


English Punishment Series Volume 22
Containing snippets of our new releases this movie has: MARITAL MISDEMEANORS- a future mother-in-law is horrified to find her husband in a compromising position with the bride to be! She quickly metes out suitable punishment to both the bride-to-be and her mother, the instigator, with the quick use of a paddle! In this movie, there is also TABLE DANCERS, PART ONE, where we learn what happens when a beautiful woman is late for her job and punishment is administered by her boss.DRY RUN is our second flick, about two complacent farm girls and what happens to them when the landowner propositions them to appear in the local Caning Competition. He finds that they are able to take over 60 strokes each with little complaint. The third snippet is from HORSES FOR COURSES, where two spoiled cousins steal Charlotte’s prized jumping horse for a quick ride in town. Upon their return, they are told to leave immediately.


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