Friday, January 14, 2011


Stars: Jill, Gina, Tasha, Chryssy
What happens when two different women share an apartment with two other women who also happen to be inveterate practical jokers! That’s the premise behind F*L*U*S*H, the new, spanking comedy for Bum Rap.Chryssy and Jill are roommates. Unfortunately for Jill, Chryssy’s practical jokes, which up to now have only been minor annoyances, seem to be escalating. When thing reach the breaking point for Jill, she decides it time to give Chryssy the payback she so richly deserves.Several months later Chryssy and Jill sublet the apartment to a new set of roommates, Tasha & Gina. Unfortunately, for Tasha not only is her new roommate a practical joker, She’s being advised by Chryssy. Things go wrong for Gina, however, when Chryssy rats her out to Tasha. What follow is one very hot disciplinary spanking.


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