Hairbrush Hidings – Lucy again!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Hairbrush Hidings – Lucy again!

Lucy reported to the punishment room for one of her regular meetings with the hairbrush. She refused to say why she’d been sent even after she’d had the backs of her legs smacked, so the strict young teacher wasted no time in putting Lucy across her knee and spanking her hard on her white knickers. Lucy was humiliated when Miss took her knickers down before resuming the punishment on her bare bottom. But the tears that soon followed were from the burning pain in her red raw bottom. Miss then announced that Lucy would receive a hairbrushing for her earlier foul language so, the snivelling schoolgirl was placed back over the knee and thoroughly tanned before struggling back into her knickers and shuffling back to class, nursing her blazing bottom.

File Name : 0346_Hairbrush_Hidings_Lucy_again.wmv

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corporal punishment , schoolgirl discipline , bare bottom , over the knee , tears , crying , schoolgirl uniform , humiliation , legsmacking , hairbrushing , white knickers , white panties



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