Hairbrush Hidings – Lucy

Friday, January 14, 2011


Hairbrush Hidings – Lucy

Lucy arrived late for school and looking like she’d been dragged through a hedge backwards, so was sent directly to the punishment room. Unfortunately for her, the teacher on punishment duty that day had a “no-nonsense” approach to indisciplined schoolgirls and Lucy quickly found herself across the young woman’s knee having her bare bottom soundly spanked. She was sent snivelling, back to her class but that wasn’t the end of her bad day. Never one to miss an opportunity to impress the boys, Lucy was sent back to the punishment room after being caught showing off her red bottom to a few of the lads from her class. As it was Lucy’s second offence, Miss decided that sterner punishment was required. Lucy was soon back over the teacher’s knee but this time for a hard hairbrush hiding on her bare bottom. So for the second time that day, the chastened girl was sent back to class in tears and gingerly rubbing her blazing bottom.

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corporal punishment , schoolgirl discipline , bare bottom , over the knee , tears , crying , shame , humiliation , hairbrush , white knickers , white panties , schoolgirl uniform



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