Is This Dust I See

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Is This Dust I See
Stars: Sir Roderick Caningham Browne
Sir Roderick Caningham Browne is a old fashioned, aristocratic gentleman, who rules his household with a rod of bamboo. One of his maids is remiss, when cleaning his study. She has to be punished, but because she is new to the job, Sir Roderick is fairly lenient with her, satisfying himself with just administering a hand-spanking.The girl however is so upset, she knocks over and breaks, a valuable heirloom. For this she is sentenced to the cane. The other maid is due a caning that night, so Sir Roderick decides to punish them together. What follows is memorable, with both girls being punished severely using different instruments, and in many different positions.


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