Just Another Day 2

Friday, January 28, 2011


Just Another Day 2
The second part of Just Another Day at St Stripe (with Miss Chambers) concerns the punishment of Samantha, and Sarah. As with the other girls, they went to the nightclub, and they also have constantly under achieved in their work. Miss Chambers takes a very dim view of this and has instructed them to attend the special detention. This is Samantha’s first time but Sarah is always in trouble. Mr. Thompson says as much before handing over to Miss Chambers.After lecturing both girls, she begins the punishment by bending Samantha over a high stool and administering a sound spanking over her knickers. Because it’s Samantha’s first encounter with Miss Chambers, she protests vehemently, which only serves to annoy the strict teacher who then pulls her white knickers down, and continues to spank her on her bare bottom…


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