A Month In The Country

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A Month In The Country
Stars: Jane, Amanda, Frank
Jane has come to stay with her auntie and uncle at their country estate, whilst her parents are away on a business trip. Uncle Frank is very wary of this, knowing that Jane is spoilt and sure to disrupt the peace and quite of the country, but is pleased to see her when she arrives. He shows her the swimming pool, the stables where she can take one of the horses for a ride, even the speed boat on the lake. Which she can use for skiing and all those other fun things. Jane spends time looking around but then she gets bored and is cheeky. Auntie Amanda is very cross and gives Jane a Spanking. Soon she spies Auntie Amanda’s car and asks if she can borrow it to the local disco. Uncle Frank says no because she had only just passed her driving test and anyway he does not want her to go cause it has a bad reputation. Jane is determined to go. So when no one is looking she steals auntie’s car. Uncle Frank is furious not only with Jane but with Amanda for


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