Well Done, Lavinia!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well Done, Lavinia!
An important Wine Tasting Party has been hastily arranged for Mr. Van Driesen’s “Fine Wines From The Cape”. Mr. Van Driesen’s personal assistant, Lavinia has appointed two attractive girls to set out the wines in an appealing display and hopefully make his product a winner in the eyes of the trade. Mr. Van Driesen has a great passion for his grapes and fine vintages, but his passion for the rod is even greater. When he sees the rather shoddy display that the two girls have put out, he tells Lavinia to come to his office straight away. Lavinia has but one chance of saving her well-paying job, and that is to cajole the two appointees to submit to canings from him. Using her powers of persuasion, she soon manages to relieve them of their overcoats for a hand spanking and paddling, preparing their bottoms for the now renowned hard thrashing that she knows that they are going to have to endure at the hands of Mr. Van Driesen and his trusty cane.

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