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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Home & Away
Stars: Rebekah Jordan, Nina Birch
Harsh Medicine – short feature. Nina Birch guest stars in this story (21 mins) of a young nurse caught stealing by a very unforgiving Ward Sister. The unfortunate girl is body searched then mercilessly thrashed with hand, strap, paddle and finally beat. Her bottom is roasting by the time the good Sister is finished. Office Discipline Part 2 – full length feature. In this 50min film the boss has discovered that his female head of department has been misusing her authority and beating the junior office girls (which can be viewed in its full glory in Office Discipline Part 1). He is furious and decides to turn the tables on her by giving her a thrashing with his hand, a strap and a cane. To his amazement, however, he discovers that she is actually enjoying her ordeal which only protracts the beating. Spoilt Wife Part 1 – short feature. A beautiful young wife played by the famous model & actress Rebekah Jordan has pushed her hardworking


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